The Complete ISA Blueprint and Playbook


Dan Beer, Jon Cheplak, and Guest Experts with Deep and Proven Track Records


Everything You Need To Scale And Power Your Business Through Inside Sales So You Can Improve Your Lead Conversion And Follow-up, Take Greater Control Of Your Business, Reduce Waste, And Get The Most Out Of Your Lead Generation Efforts And Investments  

2-Day Full Recording Of Live Event Including The Playbook

Dan and his team show you...

Who and How To Hire The Right ISA

✅ The Right Comp Models To Empower Your ISA

✅ The True Role Of The ISA In A Modern Real Estate Business

✅ ISA's As Sales Leaders In Your Organization

✅ Flow And Process From Lead To Closed Sale

✅ Scripts That Nurture and Move Consumers To Conversion

✅ The Critical Handoff From ISA To Agent

✅ Developing The Most Productive Rotation From ISA To Agent And In What Order

✅ How an ISA Department Can And Will Improve Your Profitability

✅ Scaling Your ISA Department

✅ Hear From Dan's Lead ISA Live to Teach and Answer Questions From In The Trenches

✅ Managing The Relationship Between ISA and Agent

✅ Follow-up System and Process Blueprint

✅ Detailed Compensation Plan To Get The Most Out Of Your ISA's And Keep THem Happy

✅ Download Your Complete Playbook

✅ Jon Delivers The Leadership Skills Required To Handle The Growth You'll Experience

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